Let’s Get It On

Let’s Get It On

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Fleetwood Mac: “Teen Beat (Outtake) [2016 Remaster] ” Play this track

This is an outtake from Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage album from 1982. Featuring a somewhat unhinged Lindsey Buckingham coaxing Mick Fleetwood and John McVie to follow and enhance his fun romp, this is a simply infectious jam (?) well worth enjoying. So, enjoy. -Rock Stamberg

Sometimes music’s sole purpose is just the fun of playing it. To paraphrase The Beach Boys, “Catch a wave groove and you’re sitting on top of the world.” -John Stix

The Who: “Tommy Can You Hear Me?” Play this track

I heard this tune in the chord changes of “Teen Beat” and said of course this comes next. Same chords different song. -JS

Richard Thompson: “A Legal Matter” Play this track

Just phenomenal. This is the one. -RS

I agree with Rock – this version, not The Who’s original, is the one. -JS

Bruce Springsteen: ” Born To Run (Isolated Vocals)” Play this track

Rock and I often say a great song can be stripped down to just one instrument and a voice. In this case it can be reduced to just a voice. Can you say commitment? -JS

Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory at Berklee Students: “Berklee Frank Zappa Tribute – Waka/Jawaka, Inca Roads, Peaches en Regalia, Zomby Woof” Play this track

What a final exam performance. Bravo. I give them an A+ -JS

Damn good. Zappa would’ve been proud, I think. -RS

Edgar Winter’s White Trash: “Let’s Get It On” Play this track

Ferocious playing, featuring distorted harmonica, distorted voice, thundering drums, and a message not to be denied. -JS

Edgar Winter is a force to be reckoned with and always has been. -RS

The Black Crowes: “Thick N’ Thin” Play this track

This is rock & roll. Telecaster heaven, courtesy of Rich Robinson. Glorious. -RS

Jerry Lee Lewis & Friends: “Rock And Roll (Feat. Jimmy Page)” Play this track

THIS is rock & roll! Jerry Lee is in fine fettle and Jimmy Page is also in top form. Yes! -RS

Great remake that takes a 70s radio classic and turns it into a 50s style hit .This is what a cover song can be and what a guest shot should be. -JS

Bruce Hornsby: “The Way It Is (Live on The Howard Stern Show in 2006)” Play this track

A great lyric matched with a great composition, matched with great playing. This music was almost too good to be a hit, and yet we made it one. Good for us. -JS

“The Way It Is” is a great song. It always has been and will be. It is not lightweight by any means and this solo take proves its lasting power. Gorgeous. -RS

Fearless Flyers: “Simon F15” Play this track

What a groove, what a move. Guitar, bass, and a drum kit consisting of high hat, bass drum and snare. Everybody is playing lead; everybody is playing rhythm and there is no clutter. Wow! R&B soul jazz for the next generation. -JS

Rolling Stones: “Factory Girl (Outtake)” Play this track

A stripped-down Rolling Stones reminding us just how good they really were.-JS

This is a great outtake from Beggars Banquet. By the way, they’re still a pretty good band, John. -RS

Little Richard: “In The Middle Of The Night” Play this track

This is a perfect song, performance, and recording. It truly gets to me every time I hear it. Manna from heaven. -RS

Van Morrison: “Wonderful Remark” Play this track

Well, this is something special, isn’t it? Written and produced by Robbie Robertson for Martin Scorcese’s audacious King of Comedy from 1983 (a great movie, btw), this is one of Van’s greatest. Really, it is. -RS

My all-time favorite “song from a movie not on another disc.” It marries a Robbie Robertson tune with a Van Morrison vocal showcasing the best of what both had to offer. I got this one the first time I heard it and I still love it. -JS

Joe Jackson / Cream / Jeff Beck Group / The Animals / Mountain / Jimi Hendrix Experience / Jethro Tull / Edgar Winter: “Five Guys Named Moe / I Feel Free / Rice Pudding / Hey Gyp / Mississippi Queen / Purple Haze / Aqualung / Entrance MASH-UP” Play this track

Joe Jackson’s homage to the 1940’s jump blues swing era. It’s just fun. At the end I pulled out my Nakamichi cassette deck and added a bunch of classic rock riffs, finishing with the last section of “Fire and Ice” from Edgar Winter’s Entrance album. This was likely done in 1981. I mean what else are you going to do on a rainy day? -JS

Bob Dylan: “Cold Irons Bound (New Version)” Play this track

From Dylan’s soundtrack to his Masked & Anonymous film circa 2003, this hard-rocking update on an already special song is soulful and intense. I(t’s also just as forceful as the original but in a completely different way. -RS

Never heard this one before Rock pulled it out, but it’s a keeper and truly an NHT song. -JS

Duke Ellington: “Caravan” Play this track

Who knew that Dylan would call out to Ellington (along with Max Roach on the drums and Charles Mingus on the bass) to follow him to the NHT stage? -JS

The Clash: “Rudie Can’t Fail” Play this track

From The Clash’s London Calling album, this funky number swings in a most unusual manner and I love it. -RS

Nick Lowe: “14 Days (Live)” Play this track

I’ve always loved the studio version, but this live take is absolutely killer. I can listen to it anytime and be amazed every time. Seriously great. -RS

I heard this once and it slayed me. What a lyric. -JS

Paul McCartney: “Singalong Junk” Play this track

Paul McCartney: “Junk” Play this track

I never followed the separate Beatles after they broke up. So, the first time I heard this instrumental was on the Almost Famous Soundtrack. I fell in love with the melody and the mood, think wow this is special. Rock educated me as to the song’s history and I feel in love with the vocal version as well. I think this is how the song should be listened to from now on. And it will be, at least on NHT. -JS

We decided to join both takes and I think I did a pretty good job doing so! Oh yeah, great song, too. -RS

Christian Sands: “If You’re Happy and You Know it” Play this track

As I wrote for the opening song, sometimes music can just be fun. A children’s song can be both simplistic and sophisticated in the hands of the right player. Meet Christian Sands, the right player. -JS