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MARK KNOPFLER: “Sultans Of Swing” (Guitar & Vocal only) Play this track

It is often said that the greatness of a song can be measured with only a voice and an instrument. I rest my case. —John Stix

TOM JONES & JOE COCKER: “Delta Lady” Play this track

Who knew? Don’t bullshit me, you didn’t know. Who knew that Tom Jones could hold his own and more with Joe Cocker on one of his finest song interpretations? —JS

STEVIE WONDER & TOM JONES: “Superstition” (Live) Play this track

Who knew? Who knew that my favorite alternate version of Stevie Wonder’s perennial concert closer would be sparked by Tom Jones? But it is. —JS

TOM JONES & JANIS JOPLIN: Raise Your Hand Play this track

Who Knew? The raw vocal power of Janis Joplin meets its equal in Tom Jones. But it did! Next time we’ll have him partner with CSN or Blood Sweat & Tears (circa the David Clayton-Thomas era) or maybe with Van Morrison and Jeff Beck. Yes, he sang with all these artists. —JS

CHICAGO: “Questions 67 and 68 (Live In Japan)” Play this track

Once again we have a cut from the Japanese double album Peter Cetera told me came from Chicago’s finest live recorded performance. And he’s singing in Japanese. That’s two reasons it belongs on NHT. —JS

Great song, great album. —Rock Stamberg

FLEETWOOD MAC: “Hypnotized” Play this track

The eerily effective groove and vibe kick this track into gear is proof enough of Fleetwood Mac’s prowess prior to the arrival of Buckingham/Nicks. Bob Welch’s song is pulsed hard by Mick Fleetwood throughout. One of Mystery To Me’s many hidden charms. —RS

I keep forgetting this Bob Welch song and then I hear it and I am hypnotized. This tune is so slippery and liquid. It oozes like no other song in my collection. I love this sluggish shuffle with its understated vocals and Morse code-like guitar riffs. What a feel. I could stay here all day. —JS

LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM & CHRISTINE McVIE: “Love Is Here To Stay” Play this track

Practically Fleetwood Mac sans Stevie Nicks, the Buckingham/McVie duet album was probably my favorite album of 2017. This song is my current favorite. —RS

NICK LOWE: “So It Goes” Play this track

Nick Lowe pop at its finest. There is disaster in the lyric and a smile in the melody. —JS

10CC: “The Stars Didn’t Show” Play this track

Betcha don’t know this one. It’s the last (to date) recording by the original 10cc quartet and Kevin Godley’s lead vocal is a stunner, as is Eric Stewart’s killer guitar here. Probably the best song on 1992’s “reunion” album, the underrated …Meanwhile. —RS

THE STEVE MILLER BAND: “Take The Money And Run” (Demo) Play this track

I’ve always dug the song as we know it but this alternate take is completely different and just as valid. You’ll see. —RS

VAN HALEN: “You Really Got Me” (Acoustic) Play this track

Eddie was a real nice guy. On a personal level he was defined by the brilliance of his smile as much as the generational genius of his guitar playing. You can hear the smile in his playing just as you see it on his face. Here he is having fun with an acoustic guitar. When he played he was always having fun. —JS

THE BEATLES: Outtakes Medley Play this track

Good god they sounded like The Beatles all the time. How cool is that? —JS

JAMES DEAN, et. al: Rebel Without A Cause (Dialogue) Play this track

THE EMPERORS: “Karate” (Long Version) Play this track

Carlos Santana told me how they turned this song into “Everybody’s Everything” on Santana III. I had to find it and share it on NHT. —JS

FACES: “(I Know) I’m Losing You” (Live) Play this track

John and I added this coda to the finished episode because we played this ridiculously hot take last summer during the pandemic and went nuts. John particularly loves Kenney Jones’ drum solo. For real. I loved The Faces and the boxed set this track came from, Five Guys Walk Into A Bar… , may just be my favorite boxed set ever. I wouldn’t lie to you about such things. —RS