Christine McVie Tribute

A Tribute to Christine McVie

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Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie: “Feel About You” Play this track

The duet album this song comes from what was actually going to be Fleetwood Mac’s next album. Christine, Lindsey, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie all showed up to play and it was Christine’s grand reintroduction back into the fold after many years away.

Fleetwood Mac : “Sugar Daddy” Play this track

Christine always wrote great lyrics. From 1975’s Fleetwood Mac (a/k/a their “White Album”).

Fleetwood Mac : “Spare Me A Little Of Your Love” Play this track

One of my all-time favorite recordings by anybody, this is a beautifully restored recording from 1972’s majestic Bare Trees album.

Fleetwood Mac : “Prove Your Love” Play this track

An unknown and obscure track from 1974’s Heroes Are Hard To Find.

Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie: “Red Sun” Play this track

Another gem from the Lindsey/Christine duet project, which, by the way, was my favorite album from 2017.

Fleetwood Mac: “Show Me A Smile” Play this track

Christine’s first song with Fleetwood Mac. From 1971’s Future Games.

Fleetwood Mac: “Think About Me” Play this track

This may be my favorite Fleetwood Mac track. From 1979’s masterpiece, Tusk.

Fleetwood Mac: “Wish You Were Here” Play this track

Just listen to Lindsey Buckingham’s beautiful arrangement and plaintive guitar playing at the end. Christine has never played straight piano with such pounding authority. The final track on 1982’s Mirage record.

Fleetwood Mac: “Dissatisfied” Play this track

A real rocker from 1973’s “out in the ozone” album (Christine’s words). Penguin was one of my first Fleetwood Mac albums. I just love the cover art. Like, big time.

Fleetwood Mac: “The Way I Feel” Play this track

A real beaut from 1973’s excellent Mystery To Me album.

Christine McVie: “One In A Million” Play this track

This is a duet with Steve Winwood and appeared on Christine’s eponymously titled second (or was it first?) solo album, which was released in 1984. Christine apparently disowned her actual debut, 1970’s Christine Perfect (her maiden name). She only recorded one more solo record, 2004’s In The Meantime, which she made during her 16-year sabbatical (1998 to 2014) from Fleetwood Mac.

Christine McVie/Fleetwood Mac: “Songbird (Orchestral Version)” Play this track

Earlier this year Christine assembled a collection of her solo material called Songbird. This track, however, is from Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 Rumours blockbuster. The catch is that she stripped away the song’s instrumentation and put her original vocal together with a full orchestra.

Christine McVie: Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” Play this track

This is a one-off cover song Christine cut for a 1996 film called A Fine Mess. This one gets to me, especially now.


A special thanks to Rory Nolan