Travelin’ High

“Travelin’ High” is a song from John Fogerty’s eponymously titled debut solo album from 1975.

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Hello, I’m Mr. Ed: Play this track

I love snippets of dialogue from movies, commercials, and TV shows. Every one of my buddies has heard this greeting from Mr. Ed the talking horse. It’s on cassettes, CD’s and now on NHT. You gotta love it. -John Stix

Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks: “Walkin’ One and Only” Play this track

Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks were purveyors of an acoustic swinging jive that was built for smiling. And this song is exhibit A. It’s one part Andrew Sister, one-part Hot Club jazz and all parts fun. —JS

Paul McCartney: “Can’t Buy Me Love” Play this track

Macca goes bluegrass with a Beatles chestnut. It’s a wonder this hasn’t been officially released. —JS

Michelle Shocked: “If Love Was a Train” Play this track

It gets old as I talk about it or write about it, but hearing a shuffle played with spunk and taste never gets old. —JS

The Doors: “Poor Otis” Play this track

It’s short. So what? —Rock Stamberg

Bruce Springsteen: “It’s Hard to Be a Saint in The City” Play this track

Using an acoustic piano and acoustic guitar in rock songs has always been a secret weapon. This was an early display of the Springsteen storytelling with the kind of cinematic detail that would later infuse “Jungleland.” —JS

Randy Newman: “I’m Different” Play this track

He sure is different and nobody else can plead his case so cheerfully. —RS

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band: “Time is Right” Play this track

Prog-rock? Nope, just some rock in’ from prog-rock pioneers. Hot stuff. —RS

Rod Stewart: “To Love Somebody” Play this track

My favorite version of the classic Bee Gees tune. Rod Stewart + Booker T & The MGs at Muscle Shoals = stunning R&B. —RS

Flaming Lips: “Fight Test” Play this track

Sure, it’s weird. It’s also beautiful. Listen closely and be rewarded. —RS

Stephen Stills: “Love The One You’re With (demo)” Play this track

This original demo sounds like how Stills might play it today as a solo piece. —JS

John Fogerty: “Travelin’ HighPlay this track

From John Fogerty’s unsung self-titled debut solo album. He’s playing everything on this, including saxes. Telecaster heaven. —RS

Phish: “Two Versions of Me” Play this track

A great tune nobody ever heard. Perfect. —RS

Jimi Hendrix Experience: “Up From the Skies” Play this track

This song features the wah wah pedal as a rhythm component. It plays throughout the whole song so naturally, that’s it’s never named as one of the great wah-wah songs. You don’t think of it as being special, you hear it as natural instead. And that’s what makes it special. —JS

Jerry Garcia Band: “Cats Under the Stars” Play this track

I just *love* this lengthy live JGB track. His soloing here is majestic. —RS

Pat Metheny Group: “Minuano (Bonus Hidden Track)” Play this track

Name another live performance with whistling, vocalese, and a vibe that announces Spring is here. This is instrumental music as a universal language. This is why The Pat Metheny Group is a worldwide phenomenon. —JS